Joakim Noah convincing Carmelo Anthony to play for the Bulls next season; teaming up with Derrick Rose very evident

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Joakim Noah was very disappointed to the Chicago management after they traded away two-time All-Star and close pal Luol Deng to Cleveland.

But eversince, Noah has already moved on and next season he’s setting his eye on a superstar in the NBA.

Noah Convincing Carmelo 

ESPN’s Chris Broussard, briefed by a source close to the situation,  says that Noah talked to Carmelo Anthony about signing in Chicago this offseason while the two were in New Orleans for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game.

There’s something simplistically beautiful about Noah’s obvious tampering. Not only did he swiftly insult the Los Angeles Lakers, who have long been considered a potential landing spot for Anthony, but he also disparaged the New York Knicks by not even mentioning them in the conversation.
Anthony, for his part, was receptive to Noah’s sales pitch.

“Melo, I’m told, said, ‘Look, I’ve been watching you guys. I admire how hard you play. I admire how hungry you are,’ ” Broussard recounts. ” ‘Oh, and by the way, my son’s favorite player? Derrick Rose.’ ” 

Conveniently enough, Broussard adds that Rose is prepared to board the Melo train, too.

Let’s get this out of the way now: For a weekend that supposedly isn’t about recruiting future teammates, there was sure a lot of premature wooing down in New Orleans.

“As far as recruiting and things like that, that never happens,” Anthony told reporters before heading to New Orleans in February as reported by Fred Kerber of the New York Post

Since then, as reported by CSNNW’s Chris Haynes, numerous All-Stars approached LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard about playing for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Anthony and Rose teaming up

Pairing Anthony with Rose and Noah isn’t new in theory. The Bulls have the ability to create cap space and, according to CSN Chicago’s David Kaplan, are expected to chase Anthony this summer.

Going “all in” on Anthony will be complicated. 

Chicago has more than $63.8 million in guaranteed salary on its books for next season. Amnestying Carlos Boozer’s $16.8 million salary only allows the Bulls to offer Anthony a contract starting somewhere around $16 million annually, assuming a 2014-15 salary cap of $62.9 million (per ESPN’s Larry Coon). Dumping Mike Dunleavy would increase their spending power by more than $3 million.But that’s before factoring in other cap holds.

If Nikola Mirotic journeys stateside, the Bulls have to spend money on him. 

They also have draft picks and other free agents to consider. Unless they expect Anthony to take a drastic pay cut, someone such as Taj Gibson may need to be dumped too. 

None of this is to say Anthony is completely sold on the Bulls. He has to leave more than $30 million on the table just to get out of New York. Accepting even less could be out of the question. Rose’s murky bill of health will also factor into his decision.

This early, though, it’s not about promises. It’s about remaining in play.
If nothing else, Noah, alleged free-agency tamperer extraordinaire, has ensured the Bulls will be on Anthony’s mind when he hits the open market this July.

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