Why Some People Afraid of PhilNews.xyz?

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Are some people afraid of our site? For the second straight time we are reported by some crab-minded Filipinos on Facebook which is the reason why are no longer able to post our link on Facebook, which is considered as our main source of traffic.

PhilNews’ post on Facebook got hundreds of thousands of reach with one of it’s articles viewed by more than 300,000 people in just a matter of three days. At the start of our blogging journey we emphasize to our readers that we are volunteers for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Mayor Duterte topics were considered as our most popular stories gaining hundreds of thousands of views for the past few days, the main source of our traffic is no less than Facebook.

Here are some of the Reasons Why Some People are Afraid of PhilNews.xyz:

1. Based on our analysis, due to our pro-Duterte posts, there will always be tendencies that anti-Duterte supporters will report our post to Facebook. Maybe, anti-Duterte supporters are afraid of this site.

2. For the second straight time this website was reported on Facebook, so there are people who keeps on monitoring our site from time to time, not to gain information but to take down the site’s primary source of traffic.

3. Some of our post were copied by other website, but those website are more popular than us, we wonder why those websites are not reported. We are even happy that they copied our articles even without giving credit back to us, because our mission is to spread the Duterte awareness.

4. The main author of this website is also one of the most trusted author of one of the country’s leading and most reliable blog site, as he authored more than 3,000 articles so far and being linked by various Wikipedia articles.

5. Are my fellow bloggers afraid of my presence online? Don’t be afraid of me, I’m not a journalist but just an ordinary tubagatherer-turned blogger. I urge my fellow bloggers to abide by the rules of fair competition in blogging.

6. I have been in the blogging business since the year 2011 and nobody reported my post on Facebook for whatever reasons, this is the only time that I decided to share my views on my personal website but somebody reported me twice. I just wonder why, not a single post was reported before on Facebook from my company’s website but now that I took some time to post on personal page, it was reported twice, is there something fishy?

7. To all Anti-Duterte supporters, you can never stop us from posting positive news about Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, if you are really after me, take time to find me as I keep on writing on my company’s website. I am just around the corner, if you’re really an anti-Duterte, contact me directly and I will tell you what websites are pro-Duterte, so that you can report it on Facebook… Happy blogging.

This is it, I am a pro-Duterte and nobody can stop me promoting Mayor Duterte online.

Ed Umbao

Founder of PhilNews.xyz | co-Founder of PhilNews.ph

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