ABS-CBN Strikes Anew: Twists Mayor Rody Duterte’s Statement to Pastor Quiboloy

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The alleged bias TV station, ABS-CBN strikes anew with its twisted reports which caught the attentions of some netizens particularly the supporters of Mayor Rody Duterte. On their report about Pastor Quiboloy’s clarification that he won’t interfere with Mayor Duterte particularly on the country’s national interest, the Kapamilya News report allegedly twisted the statement of Mayor Rody Duterte.

During the interview with some local media in Davao City, the incoming president Rody Duterte was quoted as saying that “his loyalty with friends end were his loyalty to his country begins,” but in the report posted on the official website of ABS-CBN they reported and quoted Duterte saying “his loyalty with friends end where his loyalty to his party begins.”

Instead of using the word “his country begins,” they reported that “his party begins,” which had a different meaning according to some supporters of Mayor Duterte on Facebook.

Some netizens noted that maybe there’s some problems with the editors of ABS-CBN or maybe they are just tired during that time but some avid supportes of Mayor Duterte claimed that the way ABS-CBN reported always favored someone and from the start they were really biased against the incoming president.

What can you say about the reports of ABS-CBN? Are they really biased on their reports or it’s just an honest mistake. Don’t hesitate to add your comments in the space
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