Arnell Ignacio Gives Sermon to CBCP Members in Defense of Mayor Duterte

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Veteran comedian and male celebrity supporter of Mayor Rody Duterte, Arnell Ignacio gives a sermon to the Catholic Bishops in defense of the presumptive president. The strong statement of Arnell Ignacio caught the attentions of most netizens as it made the rounds online for the past few hours.

Watch How Arnell Ignacio Gives Sermon to Filipino Bishops:

Arnell Ignacio published the viral video offering an unsolicitated advice to the members of the CBCP in light of the heated word war between the Roman Catholic leaders and the incoming president of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte.

According to the comedian and TV host, the Bishops should stop picking a fight with the incoming President and just mind their own backyards, otherwise, things could get ugly.

Arnell Ignacio also accused the Catholic priests of giving preferential treatment to politicians in exchange for money to march down the aisle during the mass offering to gain political mileage. He even told the Bishops that instead of attacking Mayor Duterte the Bishops should focus on their jobs as shepherds of their flock.

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