Always Lock Your Door: Snatcher Grabs Passengers Belongings at Pier Area Manila

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One of the country’s most popular Facebook Page, Top Gear Philippines reminded all passengers and car owners to always lock your doors while traveling. A video of a snatcher caught by dash camera is currently making the rounds online showing how a man wearing a sando attacks at Pier Area in Manila.

Watch the Video Incident Warning to Always Lock Your Door:

The incident which was caught on camera was recorded during a busy day at the Pier area in Manila. Some netizens commented about the particular area were the incident happened is considered as infested in Metro Manila with numerous snatchers.

As seen from the video, everything was caught on camera by the car behind the taxi but he did nothing to warn the taxi driver or the passengers. The driver with the dash cam even suspected that the passersby is a possible snatcher.

According to some netizens the car with the dash cam just did his best to record the event and it was already enough while some netizens commented harshly even suggesting that the driver of the vehicle with the dash cam could stop the crime by ramming the snatcher.

What can you say about the action of the car with the dash cam? Just add your comments in the space provided below.

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