Alleged Photo Evidence of Sen. De Lima Visiting Baguio City Last November 2015 Went Viral Online

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Netizens are now spreading some alleged photo evidence that Sen. De Lima visited Baguio City last November despite the fact the she vehemently denied meeting Kerwin Espinosa in Baguio City.

During the Senate hearing on Wednesday, November 23, 2016, the alleged Western Visayas drug lord revealed that he gave the former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima a total of P8 million in Baguio City during his meeting.

Sen. Leila De Lima on his part denied the allegations thrown at her by Kerwin Espinosa saying that he doesn’t know and meet Espinosa but new photo evidences are now circulating on social media showing the Sen. De Lima visited Baguio last November 19, 2015.

Based upon the photos posted on social media, Sen. De Lima wears the same outfit when he met Kerwin Espinosa in Baguio City.

The photo uploaded by a certain Janelle C. Belleza showed that Sen. De Lima visited Baguio City last November 15, 2015 which coincides with the alleged meeting between Kerwin Espinosa, Ronnie Dayan and Sen. De Lima.

The photos were taken at the Burnham Park in Baguio City, the alleged meeting place of Kerwin Espinosa and Secretary Leila De Lima together with Ronnie Dayan.

Aside from the photo mentioned above, another photo also circulated online, a better quality photo of Sen. De Lima taken at Burnham Park.

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