Cebuano Lawyer Lambasts VP Leni, Anti-Marcos for Calling Marcos a “Hero”

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A prominent lawyer from Cebu lambast Vice President Leni Robredo and all the Anti-Marcos protesters for calling former Pres. Marcos as a hero because he know for the fact that Marcos is not a hero. 
Atty. Regal Oliva stated on Facebook that anti-Marcos protesters keeps on shouting that Pres. Marcos is not a hero but nobody claimed that he is a hero. He was quoted as saying ” Gaga! Alam namin hindi siya Bayani,” Atty. Oliva said. 
According to the veteran lawyer, the former President was not buried in secret because it was covered by live media with military guards present to honor him. 
The statement of Atty. Oliva came after Vice President Leni keeps on mentioning on her various TV appearance that Pres. Marcos is not hero. This is also the statement often used by the Anti-Marcos protesters, “Marcos is Not a Hero.”
Here’s the Complete Statement of Atty. Oliva:
Marcos is NOT buried in secret.

It is covered by LIVE media with Military guards present to honor him. Families and supporters were all there. So where is the secret there?

Just because you were not told of the schedule of his burial, secret agad? Kailangan talagang may matanggap ka na memo?

Saba ka diha!

You claim that Marcos declared Martial Law as a surprise (“like a thief in the night”), and now he does it again in death. HELLO?!? You know that his burial was imminent, you should have prepared for it. Just because di natapos ang Philippine terno mo, para ma talbogan mo si Meldy, galit ka agad?

Shut up ka!

The Marcos family respected due process, they never buried the late Ferdinand before getting a Supreme Court decision dismissing the petition to stop the burial. There was no law that was violated. Nothing is illegal in burying him. A decision was made by the final tribunal.

They could have buried Ferdinand a long time ago – in secret. But they did not. They respected the Filipino people. So now that it is time for him to be buried, can you just at least respect the bereaved family and the dead?

What you can do now is sour grape and shout all you want. Wounds are healing, and there you are mastering the art of being a bacteria by causing more injury to a wounded race.

And you dare shout “HINDI BAYANI SI MARCOS”? Gaga! Alam namin hindi siya Bayani, Ferdinand ang name nya. Go talk to Agbayani and Fernando, silang dalawa ay Bayani.
Tala-tala ka ha.
Source: Atty. Regal Oliva FB Page

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