DOTr Sec. Arthur Tugade Schooled Sandra Aguinaldo on Feasibility Study

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Secretary Arthur Tugade of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) schooled one of the country’s most prominent journalist Sandra Aguinaldo on her question about the government’s plans of allowing a controversial Chinese companies participating in the government’s infrastructure project.

During the press briefing of the four major infrastructure agencies of the national government working hand in hand in delivering the good news about Pres. Duterte’s major infrastructure projects, Sandra Aguinaldo was given the chance to ask questions to any members of the Cabinet present during the press conference.

Sandra Aguinaldo asked the members of the Cabinet about the name of the projects which will be given to a Chinese company because one of the Chinese companies was already blacklisted by the World Bank.

Sec. Arthur Tugade answered brilliantly by schooling Sandra Aguinaldo the real meaning of the term “Feasibility Study,” he explained to Aguinaldo that feasibility study simply means that a company will make a plan, technical descriptions, engineering designs and bla-bla-bla. The making of the feasibility study is shouldered by China.

Aguinaldo’s questions about the name of the companies, Sec. Tugade noted that they did not know yet and clarified further that they will not allow the corrupt to participate. The process is just starting, it is still in Step One and they intend to finish the project before Pres. Duterte steps down.

Watch How Sec. Tugade Schooled Sandra Aguinaldo (Start at 1:14:00):

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