Marcos Supporter Accuses “Yellow Cult” for Using Students on their Campaign

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Supporters of the late President Ferdinand Marcos accused the “yellow cult” or the supporters of the Aquino family for using innocent students on their effort to stop the burial of Pres. Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani despite the decision made by the Supreme Court.

In the popular Facebook Page Pres. Ferdinand Emmanuel E. Marcos, the supporters of the late strongman and considered as the country’s most successful president in terms of infrastructure spending accused the yellow supporters of using innocent students for their gains.

The Marcos supporters uncovered a strategy used by the supporters of the Aquino family after a viral photo of some students holding a board that says “Marcos is No Hero,” went viral on social media.

According to the results of the investigations conducted by the Marcos supporters they found out that the students were just walking at the side walk a total of 5 people approached them wearing yellow shirts and asked if they can hold he board saying “Marcos Is No Hero,” but they didn’t know that the photo will be used online to gather support.

Here’s the Complete Viral Revelations of Marcos Supporters:

Mga Estudyante biktima ng #KultongDilawan. We’re only walking at the side walk last monday and may dalawang lalaki at 3 babaeng naka dilaw ang lumapit sa amin and they asked if we can hold The Board Saying “Marcos Is No Hero” We didnt know na gagamitin nila yun to post online and We can’t really take it. Posting out picture without any of our authorization.. so Please stop Guys Who posted it..
Yan ang sabi ng estudyanteng nakapanayam namin..Gumagalaw ang mga Dilaw..Napakalinaw..

Source: Pres. FEM FB Page

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