Regina Belmonte Dismayed with PhilStar’s Decision Allowing Mocha Uson to Become a Columnist

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A close kin of the Belmonte family the owner of Philippine Star, Regina Belmonte couldn’t control her emotions as she took to social media after an announcement made by the newspaper that they will allow Mocha Uson to write a column in the Op-Ed section of the newspaper.

Regina Belmonte, the daughter of Philippine Star President Miguel Belmonte was so dismayed with the announcement as she couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Belmonte questioned the paper’s decision to allow the “reprehensible human being,” to bring “garbage to a bigger platform to mislead the country.”

According to Regina Belmonte who wrote a column with PhilStar, she just took a nap and woke up knowing that Mocha Uson will be having a column with their family’s newspaper. She also noted that the newspaper was founded with “Truth Shall Prevail” under its masthead. To have Mocha Uson peedling lies in it is a disgrace to her lola’s memory.

Mocha Uson on her part posted a reply to Regina Belmonte’s statement on Facebook
showing humility as she admitted that she will abide with the decision of PhilStar if her planned portion of the newspaper will push through.

Here’s the statement of Mocha Uson:

To mam Regina Belmonte (Daughter of the President of Philippine Star)

Mam I’m sorry if you don’t like me. Ako po ay HINDI JOURNALIST and I
don’t deserve to be part of your Family’s Newspaper at isa sa natutunan
ko po sa buhay ay eto , “all come from dust, and to dust all return”.
Hindi po ako kapit tuko sa kahit ano mang bagay, tao o kalalagayan sa
buhay. At kung nais po ng pamunuan ng Philippine Star na ako po ay hindi
magtuloy I WILL STILL BE GRATEFUL for being considered to write and
express the cry of the ordinary people. I will not have any bitterness
towards you and the paper because your family owns it. Salamat po. God
bless you and your family.

Ed Umbao

Founder of | co-Founder of

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