Sen. Enrile Silenced People Who Are Against the Marcos Burial (Viral Video)

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Veteran senator and considered as one of the trusted ally of former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, the Defense Chief during the Marcos regime silenced those people who are against the Marcos Burial.

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In a viral video which re-surfaced recently, Sen. Enrile was asked by the media to explain the alleged “sins of the past” by Pres. Marcos but the veteran senator wanted the media to explain in particular the “sins of the past” by the former President.

Sen. Enrile wanted the media who asked the question about Pres. Marcos to give details about the so-called “sins of the past” and the media should specify the questions and be very particular because the “sins of the past” is a general statement.

The media who questioned Sen. Enrile stated that the “sins of the past” includes the killings, the disappearances but the lawmaker asked the media, why is it that there’s is no filed case in court against Pres. Marcos.

Sen. Enrile also noted that those who accused Pres. Marcos of crimes should file a case in court so that we will find out who really caused the disappearance and why they disappear.

According to the veteran lawmaker, the problems with these people who are accusing the former President and making charges without specifications.

Watch the Viral Statements of Sen. Enrile and How he Silenced the Media:

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