Gen. Bato Dela Rosa Challenge Sen. De Lima to Change Position as PNP Head

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Gen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa challenge the Sen. Leila De Lima during a heated confrontation during the resumption of Senate Hearing on Mayor Espinosa’s death. The PNP Chief challenged Sen. Leila De Lima to exchange position as PNP Chief.

Sen. De Lima asked the PNP Chief Dela Rosa in the controversial involvement of Pres. Rody Duterte in the reinstatement of Supt. Marvin Marcos as CIDG-8 Chief.

The senator keeps on questioning the PNP Chief on the reasons why he keeps on lying on national media because during an interview, he admitted that someone (his kumpadre) called him to reinstate Supt. Marcos.

Watch the Confrontation Video Between Sen. De Lima & Gen. Bato:

During the heated confrontation between Gen. Bato Dela Rosa and Sen. Leila De Lima, the PNP Chief was seen to be feed up with the questioning and instead challenged the senator for them to exchange position as PNP Chief. He suggested that De Lima will work as PNP Chief while Gen. Bato will served as senator.

The chairman of the committee Sen. Panfilo Lacson reminded Gen. Bato dela Rosa to stop arguing with Sen. De Lima. Sen. De Lima then furiously released her anger and stated Gen. Bato not to challenge her or not argue with her in the Senate floor.

Watch the Full Video of the Senate Hearing:

Source: CNN News / PTV

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