Former RAM Officer Rex Robles Reveals Undeclared Business Holdings of Sen. Trillanes

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Former member of the Reformed Armed Forces Movement (RAM) Rex Robles revealed through his Facebook Page that Sen. Antonio Trillanes is allegedly a highly-paid mercenary and the viciousness of his attacks depend on the level of payment he receives.

The retired Navy Commodore Rex Robles (PMA Class 1965)  noted that Sen. Trillanes is different from his father who is honest and likeable retired military officer. Sen. Trillanes does not appear to have an honest bone in his body. The classmate of the senator even treated the former PMA graduate as a joke, and other peemayers have condemned him.

According to Commodore Robles who worked as board member of the Commission during the Oakwood investigations and asked Trillanes to come clean on his business holdings which is surprisingly extensive as he came from a family of modest means.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Rex Robles:

Sen. Antonio Trillanes is often dubbed by some Pro-Duterte netizens as the alleged attack dog of the Liberal Party as he keeps on attacking Pres. Rody Duterte in every topics or any statement the President made.

The former Navy Captain was one of the junior officer and leader of the failed Oakwood Mutiny and was sentenced to prison but later on pardon and won a Senate seat but became unpopular during the last 2016 national elections for his continuous attack against the most popular mayor in the Philippines now Pres. Rody Duterte.

Source: Rex Robles FB Page

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