Netizens Shares How the Biased International News Media Tried to Discredit Pres. Duterte

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Netizens took to Facebook to share their frustrations against international media who keeps on reporting news article that discredits the Duterte administration and it’s war against drugs. Due to numerous articles against Pres. Duterte some of those biased journalists even failed to verify the names of Pres. Duterte’s alleged victims.

One of the most intriguing story is the one published by Washington Post wherein they failed to identify the real victims who happened to be a supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media.

The story was shared by newspaper columnist Jojo A. Robles who revealed how the international media discredit Pres. Duterte by posting articles which are not factual and even using the name of his friend Darwin Cañete who happens to be a Duterte supporter.

Jojo Robles lambasts the reporter of Washington Post who was identified as Guy Taylor who named Darwin Cañete as the suspect but upon verification of the said incident Cañete’s name was not included in the list because in reality, Cañete is a prosecutor in Caloocan City who is often called upon to perform inquests at the scenes of drug-related crimes in the city.

The post of Jojo Robles was also shared by some of social media’s well-known personality such as Thinking Pinoy, Sass Rogando Sasot, Antonio Contreras and Aries Aguirre the son of DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Jojo Robles:

I don’t normally promote my newspaper column here on FB, but because what happened to my good buddy Darwin Cañete was so bizarre, I’m giving you guys a preview of my take on reports of his untimely death, which will appear in tomorrow’s “Lowdown” in the Manila Standard. Enjoy.

The Washington Times, the conservative newspaper owned and controlled
by the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon (whose members are known
collectively as the Moonies) is the latest American media outfit to run a
lengthy article critical of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal

Under the byline of one Guy Taylor, the Times article was mostly a
rehash of the unflattering stuff that’s been written about the
six-month Duterte administration’s drug war in the Western press.

But with a small twist. Taylor told of how he joined a group of
reporters who went one rainy night to the scene of a murder of a young
drug suspect, whom he identified as Darwin Canete, in Caloocan City. 

“[A] plainclothes officer had entered [a two-storey building] to
purchase crystal meth from Mr. Canete before the 20-year-old suddenly
pulled a .38 caliber revolver,” Taylor wrote. “The officer then shot him
in self-defense.”

If you’re one of those who keep a list of the
thousands who have reportedly died in Duterte’s anti-drug campaign
handy, you will not find Canete’s name in it. That’s because Canete is
actually a prosecutor in Caloocan often called upon to perform inquests
at the scene of drug-related crimes in the city.

Canete, who is a
good friend and a celebrity on the social networking site Facebook
because of his trenchant political views, had a good laugh over Taylor’s
error. But I wonder: if “parachute journalists” like Taylor can’t even
get the names right in their stories, what else are they getting wrong
in their reports that invariably put Duterte and the Philippines in a
bad light?

Here’s the link, if you want to read the full story: Washington Post article

Source: Jojo A. Robles FB Page

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