Political Strategist Lambasts VP Leni Robredo for Always Being Visible on News Headlines

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Political strategist and veteran columnist of The Manila Times, Malou Tiquia lambasts a government officials who is always visible in various news media headlines. Although the political strategist did not mentioned the name of VP Leni Robredo most netizens agree that she was referring to the Vice President.

Malou Tiquia posted a message on Facebook showing her disappointment with a government official who swing like a pendulum, and she accused the government official of having no stability in messaging and always wanted to be 24/7 in the media.

The former host at CNN Philippines, Malou Tiquia also stated that the government official should not speak to the media about the cancelled invitation because respect begets respect.

She reminded the government official that what they did to former Chief Justice Corona and VP Binay bounced back to them.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Malou Tiquia:

do you swing like a pendulum? One time you deny, immediately after you
attack, why? Is there no stability in your messaging or you just want to
be 24/7 in the media? Hog the headlines even if it does not contribute
to a higher cause.

And canceling an invite is frontline? How can a
host invite a person who has been plotting against the host? You talk
about institutions and respect to institutions but have you not breached
that by doing what you and your group have been doing from Day 1?
Respect begets respect.

So pambabastos ito? Siguro masyado kayong
nasanay sa 6 na taon na nakaraan na kayo ang amo, kayo ang tama, kayo
ang magaling. Kayo ang pwedeng maglubid ng buhangin at ipasa bilang
katotohanan, kaya natin, di ba? Ano nga uling kwento ang ginawa nyo Kay
CJ Corona? Ano nga uling tawag nyo Kay VP Binay? Respeto? Institusyon?

Ang daming gagawin pero imbitasyon ang mahalaga. Sayang talaga.

Watch the Video Interview with VP Leni Robredo:

Source: Malou Tiquia FB Page

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