Sen. Cayetano Forgives Rappler for the Viral Dog Meme but Lectured Them First

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Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, a devout Born Again Christian lawmaker in the Philippine Senate forgives Rappler for their viral Dog Meme post that personally attacked the senator and two other Pres. Duterte’s allies, DOJ Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre and Mocha Uson.

Before giving forgiveness to Rappler for their wrongdoings, the Senator was able to give his opinions and lectured Rappler for their actions by posting an Open Letter to the company that is now on the verge of downfall according to some netizens.

According to Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano why Rappler calls him a dog or tuta. He was quoted as saying “Dog/Tuta? Does anything in my 24 years of service to government point
to that. Haven’t I stood up even at the risk of my life, when the
country needed me to stand up and lend my voice.”

Here’s the Complete Statement of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano:

Dear Rappler,

I have always respected your media organization and reporters even when
I disagreed with them, and yes, even when untrue or nasty things were
written about me.

That’s because I believe in the freedom of
the press, the value of information and transparency and in the basic
human value of respect.

This meme speaks a thousand words about Rappler, the person who authored it and your editors.

We may differ drastically in our political views and how to solve the
country’s problems, but I’d like to believe we share the same love for
GOD and Country.

We are all made from GOD’s Image and are but
stewards in this world, all trying to make the world better for the next

Bakit kailangan mag personalan, use ad hominems, resort to name calling?

If a Cabinet Member, Senator or Congressman depicted you as dogs and
twisted the good value of loyalty to the appearance of being a tuta, the
media will be in an uproar. Media organizations will demand ethics
cases, boycotts and maybe resignations.

(NUJP et al where are you guys?)

Yet you posted a simple apology not even directed to Sec Aguire nor to
Mocha (nevermind me, I’m used to being a whipping boy anyway).
Does supporting and believing in the Duterte administration make us dogs/tuta?

Dog/Tuta? Does anything in my 24 years of service to government point
to that. Haven’t I stood up even at the risk of my life, when the
country needed me to stand up and lend my voice.

First of all why the meme? Have you done that for past politicians (especially those you like and favor)?

Who made the meme and posted it? What was his or her punishment? But
the biggest question is why such a meme existed in your office? Is
Rappler doubling as a social media propaganda machine? Didn’t Rappler
publish an article on weaponizing the internet?

Rappler has
unfairly attacked us in the past. In 2010, it even targeted our election
bid in Taguig, yet I’ve always fought that Rappler be present in the
campaign and presscons (as well as other media outfits even if they are
sometimes biased), because we need transparency. We need a vibrant, free
press, and responsible press.

I assume you are apologizing for your actions not just for getting caught so….

So since its (Chinese) New Year and since the BIBLE says forgive 7 times 77, I forgive you.

GOD Bless The Philippines!

Source: Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano FB Page

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