Open Letter to International Community and Media: The Truth About Sen. De Lima’s Arrest (Viral)

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Netizens took to social media to defend President Rody Duterte after numerous international news media organizations made headlines that Sen. Leila De Lima was arrested because she was a staunch critic of the Duterte admin without fully explaining that it was due to De Lima’s alleged involvement in the illegal drug trades.

 An Open Letter intended to the international community and the international news media is now circulating online calling the attentions of the world the truth about the arrest of Sen. De Lima.

World-renowned news media organizations including The Independent, The Guardian, The New York Times, CBC News, and The Time Magazine to name a few all reported on their headlines that Sen. De Lima was arrested because she is a staunch critic of Pres. Rody Duterte.

The alleged proliferation of false information by the international news media and the international communities forced the supporters of Pres. Duterte to initiate a social media-wide campaign to inform the general public on what is really the reasons why De Lima was arrested through an Open Letter posted by numerous Pro-Duterte FB Page and Pro-Duterte social media warriors.

Here’s the Complete Statement of the Open Letter to the International Community and Media:

Dear International community and media:

This woman, Senator
Leila De Lima, was arrested not because of being a critic of President
Duterte. She was arrested because of the cases filed against her
indicating her involvement in the illegal drug trade. When has it been
wrong to arrest someone, politician or not, because of involvement in
illegal drug trade?

By just emphasizing the “Duterte critic” in your headlines, you are down playing the drug cases filed against the Senator; and,
probably, its result whether it’s guilty or not. The issue here is not
De Lima’s political stance but her connection with the drug lords and
her part in the drug trade.

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