Sass Rogando Sasot Initiates Tulay Challenge Urging DPWH to Help Build Bridges Nationwide

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Popular social media personality Sass Rogando Sasot initiates another social media awareness dubbed as the “Tulay Challenge” calling the attentions of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to help residents in building or repairing their damage bridges nationwide.

The Tulay Challenge initiatives of Sass Sasot came after the successful intervention of DPWH in the construction of a hanging bridge in Iligan City. The hanging bridge went viral on social media after it was posted by a certain Yasmin Mangorsi that caught the attention of the DPWH who intervened to construct the project.

DPWH Sec. Mark Villar announced earlier that the hanging bridge project in Iligan City is now operational and can be used by the residents of the areas.

Due to the huge success of the hanging bridge project in Iligan City, Sass Sasot used the power of social media anew with the launching of the Tulay Challenge project.

A total of 4 Tulay Challenge Project was already posted by Sasot on
her official Facebook Page. The fourth Tulay Challenge project is
located in Bukangliwayway, Kibawi, Bukidnon.

According to the description of the concerned netizen who sent the photos of the said damaged bridge, the bridge has almost been destroyed due to the recent flooding in Bukidnon. The sender noted that they asked if Sasot could relay their concerned to the individuals in the government in charge because children’s lives and education are at risk.

The concerned netizen who sent the photos of the damaged bridge explained further that the post was originally posted by a rural teacher from their place who crosses on the bridge among others on a daily basis.

Here’s the Statement of the Concerned Netizen who Shared the Photos to Sasot:

Thank you so much for paying attention to my pm to you. This was
originally posted by a rural teacher from our town who crosses on the
bridge among other teachers on a daily basis. I have recently w
an academic paper about the working conditions of our rural teachers in
my school, and even interviewed some of them. 

This has allowed me to
gain better understanding on this matter and how this factor greatly
affects their working working conditions. When I noticed the post of Ms.
Edelyn Lanutan Bebillo
a couple of days ago, I was compelled to share this to you their
current working conditions. 

Furthermore, I’m afraid that such condition
would be detrimental to the learning experience of the children as well.
With the power of your social media reach, I believe that you can make a
positive impact on this and such pressing matter will be addressed by
our concerned government officials soon. Once again, we heartily thank
you for hearing us out. 

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Source: Sass Rogando Sasot

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