AlloyMTD Group Propose a P120-Billion Project to Develop a National Government Center at Clark Green City

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One of Asia’s most prominent infrastructure conglomerate AlloyMtd Group plans to replicate Malaysia’s Putrajaya in the Philippines as the company pitches a P120-billion proposal to develop a new administrative center for the Duterte administration in Clark Green City.

President Isaac S. David of AlloyMTD Philippines, Inc., said in a text message to BusinessWorld that last week the company submitted a proposal to the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to put up a satellite government center at the Clark Green City.

AlloyMTD stated that they presented the concept to new BCDA President Vince Dizon, who asked them to submit their unsolicited proposal and it is now being evaluated by the agency.

The Asian renowned company noted that the estimated cost f the project is P120 billion, with the target completion “within the term” of President Rody Duterte.

The proposed project of AlloyMTD is patterned after Putrajaya, the federal administrative capital of Malaysia that houses Executive, Legislative and Judicial Agencies in one location.

According to Mr. David, the company are currently doing several “mini Putrajayas” in the provinces, referring to the government centers it has built in Laguna, Nueva Ecija and Bataan. 
In an interview with the media, Mr. David said that the consolidation of agencies away from the Philippine capital will enhance the country’s global competitiveness, while providing the national government a “continuity plan” in times of natural calamities, he said. 

The proposed project of AlloyMTD will be constructed once approved at the Clark Green City, the 9,450-hectare former military property which is envisioned to the be the “country’s first smart, green and disaster-resilient” metropolis.

Clark Green City is a 9,450-hectare former military property, envisioned
as the “country’s first smart, green and disaster-resilient”

The Kuala Lumpur-headquartered AlloyMTD has operations in Saudi Arabia,
the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom,
Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, among others.
Source: BusinessWorld

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