Atty. Rivera Criticizes CBCP’s Role on Oplan Tokhang Asks Why They Prevent Priests from Participating

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Veteran lawyer and prominent social media personality Atty. Bruce Villafuerte Rivera criticized the role of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on PNP’s Oplan Tokhang and wanted an explanation why is it that they prevented some priests from participating in the said campaign.

Atty. Rivera revealed on his latest social media post that a certain priest from Don Bosco Youth Center (DBYC) in Barangay Pasil, Cebu City was prevented by the CBCP for heeding the call of the PNP Chief Ronald De la Rosa to participate in “Oplan Tokhang” as member of a religious group.

The Cebuano lawyer named Fr. Jun Paradiang, Rector of Don Bosco Youth Center (DBYC) in Brgy. Pasil answered the call of the PNP Chief and volunteered to take part in the operation of he PNP.

Atty. Bruce Rivera asks “Why prevent a priest, who unlike most of
you, has balls to take part in an operation so he can find out for
himself the truth on the ground? Atty. Rivera also shared an article reported by Sun.Star about the statement of Archbishop Palma that “Oplan Tokhang is not an area of our calling.”

Here’s the Complete Statement of Atty. Bruce Rivera:


The story begins with a scenario with the CBCP criticizing the
anti-drug campaign of the President and the allegations that drug
suspects are victims of EJK with the police as the killers.

As a
result, General Bato made a challenge to the church to take part in the
Oplan Tokhang so they can witness how it really goes. Someone took the challenge.

A priest by the name of Fr. Jun Paradiang, the Rector of Don Bosco
Youth Center (DBYC) in Brgy. Pasil in Cebu City answered the call and
volunteered. The next day, the Archbishop of Cebu said that priests
should not join in any operation and he will not allow it. 

all who do not know, Pasil is the center of the shabu trade in Cebu. I
know it first hand because during the 90’s when I was on my so-called
“wild days”, it was the place where we got shabu at the cheapest. It was
a good location for the trade because it is nearest the sea shore and
it had a maze of small alleys to evade arrest. 

And the Don Bosco
Youth Center where Fr. Jun is the rector, is located right in the heart
of Pasil. You cannot enter the center without passing through the drug
dealers and the effects of the shabu trade on the barangay. 

talked to someone who used to be in DBYC and told me that some of the
youth in the center are used by the drug dealers to peddle drugs because
they cannot be imprisoned thanks to the Juvenile Justice Law of Sen.
Kiko Pangilinan. 

Fr. Jun has a stake in Oplan Tokhang. He knows
Pasil because he stays there. He may have known several children
destroyed by shabu. He has seen how it destroys families and robs the
youth of their future. 

And the Catholic Church, who whines about
EJK, uses the pulpit to condemn Duterte and the PNP, was given the
chance to get a real and myopic insight on the anti-drug operations, its
response is that it is not their area of calling. 

Well, what is
your area of calling then? Why prevent a priest, who unlike most of
you, has balls to take part in an operation so he can find out for
himself the truth on the ground?

Fr. Jun has a stake. The youth
are the most helpless victims of the drug trade. While most of you
condemn from your lofty mountains telling the people below, stop killing
drug suspects, Fr. Jun is preaching from a much closer perspective. 

Your indifference is confusing even from God’s point of view. 

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 Source: Atty. Rivera FB Page

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