Atty. Rivera Explains “Misinformation vs. Disinformation” in Social Media

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Prominent social media personality and considered as one of the most avid supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte Atty. Bruce Villafuerte Rivera made another interesting post on social media as he explained clearly the difference between “Misinformation vs. Disinformation.”

Atty. Rivera admitted on his latest social media post that there are times that he himself spread some false information but made sure that once he learned it to be false, he immediately deleted his post or made a recant.

According to Atty. Rivera he understand his obligation to be honest because his statements can influence people, but he will never apologize for his opinions because they are creations of his mind.

Atty. Rivera noted that whenever he and his fellow bloggers share something incorrect, it is always done unintentionally but when the intention is to disinform as what most Anti-Dutere pages are doing, they intentionally mislead or spread false information with the intention to deceive the intended target, then, that is not just deplorable but criminal in nature.

Here’s the Complete Explanation of Atty. Bruce V. Rivera:


Many accuse us, social media bloggers who are defenders of President
Duterte of spreading false news and misinformation. And we admit.
Sometimes, in the throes of anger and passion, we share something we
later on learn to be false or untrue. 

But I delete it or recant. It is
something that we understand to be wrong because we understand that the
obligation to be honest lies on us who can influence people. However,
opinions are something that I will not apologize because they are
creations of my mind. 

But whenever we share something incorrect,
it is always done unintentionally. And I am speaking for myself and the
other bloggers I have become friends with. We owe it to our followers
and we owe it our conscience. 

But when the intention is to
disinform, that is, to intentionally mislead or spread false information
with the intention to deceive the intended target, then, that is not
just deplorable but criminal in nature. 

Prisons all over the
world are like that. Yes, that is a prison where convicted felons and
criminals are housed. It is not a concentration camp where drug addicts
are incarcerated without due process. 

It is normal procedure
where inmates in a correctional facility are made to undress and checked
for contraband. In the said picture, the contraband of drugs and
weapons are included but was suspiciously cropped to exclude it. 

And the purpose is clear. To paint a Hitler-like image of Duterte to
the international community. To demonize the president by seeing nude
prisoners similar to the nude Jews in Aushwitz. To mislead those who see
this post and see Duterte in a bad light. 

The opposition plan
is to demonize Duterte and degrade the Filipino democratic process to
the world. Known opposition and Yellow supporters have been given
opportunities to write for The New York Times, The Herald Tribune and
even Forbes Magazine, all painting a bleak picture: all with one goal,
that is, to disinform. 

And it is sad, when supposedly
well-educated and well-bred Filipinos will compromise the reputation of
their own nation because they are too proud to be the minority.

If we are at war, that could be treason. But do not worry, we do not kill because of treason. 

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Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera FB Page

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