Former DILG Sec. Alunan Lambasts the US State Department for their Satement Against Pres. Duterte

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Former Interior Secretary Rafael Alunan III couldn’t control his emotions as he lambasts the US State Department on their latest report accusing Pres. Rody Duerte suppressing press freedom. The State Department stated on their report that Pres. Duterte’s public attack has chilling effect on free speech.

According to Raffy Alunan no one is stopping anyone here in the Philippines from speaking even the Philippine President isn’t stopping anyone from talking.

The former DILG Secretary noted that President Duterte is the one being under attacked by partisans, do-gooders and even foreigners left and right and center who have no business butting in our internal affairs, the President is simply defending himself.

In the latest report released by the US State Department and recently posted by The Philippine Star, said that individuals could criticize the government publicly or
privately and even discuss matters of general public interest.
However, Duterte’s “public attacks on individuals and international
bodies who have criticized his policies had a chilling effect on free
speech and expression.”

The State Department also added that journalists in the Philippines allegedly face harassment and threats from Pres. Duterte.

 Here’s the Complete Statement of Rafael Alunan Against the US State Department Report:

Bullshit. They verbally attack or smear or frame sovereign nations but when they fire back it has a “chilling effect?” 

Who is stopping anyone here from speaking up? The President isn’t
stopping anyone from talking. In fact our press here is so free that
it’s expensive. Social media is unsocial. And they’re all alive! He’s
the one being attacked by partisans, do-gooders and even foreigners left
right and centre who have no business butting in on our internal
affairs. He’s simply defending himself.

Has he behaved like the jailed Ampatuans? Or Abu Sayaff? Or NPA? Or
Maute? Or Al-Qaeda? Isn’t he more like Wyatt Earp and Eliott Ness trying
to clean up the enormous mess he inherited? Or like Presidents of
countries like Mexico heavily infected by the drug virus? 

you’re failing back there in the U.S. against the drug problem, mind
your own failure. If you can’t be a friend you say you are and actually
help stamp out the fire from both the demand and supply side, then just
stand aside. We want to succeed here.

 Source: Rafael Alunan FB Page / PhilStar

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