Realistic Conversations After Philippines and China’s Bilateral Meeting Resulting to War Threats Went Viral

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Pres. Rody Duterte admitted during a speech that he had already brought out the issue of the arbitral ruling or the victory of the Philippines over China, but the Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping responded that “if you force the issue, we will go to war.”

The statement of Pres. Duterte about the threats of the Chinese government against the Philippines does not sit well among some patriotic Filipinos, particularly those who are members of the Liberal Party.

Some aggressive Filipino citizens were quick to react to the consequences of Pres. Duterte’s alleged cowardice against China, but one of the country’s most vocal supporters of the President, Eric Clark Su, released a realistic conversation on social media that went viral after it was posted on Facebook.

Eric Clark Su wanted to share a very interesting conversation on what will happen once the President of the Philippines challenges China and answers the war threats against the Philippines.

Here’s the Realistic Conversation that Went Viral on Social Media:

Duterte: That is ours. We insist.
Xi Jinping: Do not press the issue or we will go to war.
Duterte: Hey USA, since we are friends. Can we go to war together?
USA: Sorry bro, busy making me great again.
Duterte: Shit.
Xi Jinping: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Duterte: Fuck this. Lets be friends Xi! Lets share this piece of rock and be buddies.
Xi: How about USA? Isn’t he like the most insecure friend ever?
Duterte: ill just not answer his call and text for a week or something.
He will get the message and get over it after a month or so. He needs
me cuz im near you.
Xi: Ok, lets get dinner! My treat! You like Japanese food?
Duterte: Sounds good!

Yellowtards: WTF! Giyera tayo! Atin yan! Sulong tayo!
AFP: Oy tamang tama! Kelangan naming ng recruits para medyo malapit tayo sa 2.3 million soldiers ni China!
Yellowtards: Ilan pala soldiers natin sir?
AFP: 100k lang pero kapag sumali kayo. Sigurado tataas yan!
Yellowtards: Ay teka, alis muna ako. Claim ko muna free frappe ko sa Starbucks.

Xi Jinping:
Yellowtard: *at Starbucks in queue, types on Facebook* DUTERTE TUTA NG CHINA. SURRENDERED OUR ISLANDS!
Dutertard: ¯_(ツ)_/¯
AFP: Gabi na ah, akala ko babalik yun…

Source: Eric Clark Su FB Page

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