Demolition Job Against Sass Rogando Sasot Exposed on Social Media

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One of the most popular social media blogger defending President Rody Duterte who is now based in Europe, Sass Rogando Sasot exposed on her latest viral video that someone is doing a demolition job against her.

Watch the Viral Video Expose of Sass Rogando Sasot:

During Sass Rogando Sasot’s visit in Madrid, Spain for a speaking engagement with DDS supporters in Spain she revealed a very interesting issue regarding someone who is making false allegations against her and spreading malice within the DDS community.

According to Sass, an unknown caller contacted the organizer of DDS Madrid and made some false accusations against her.

The unknown caller told the DDS Madrid organizer that she is allegedly a member of the opposition and she received money from the private sectors. The malicious caller also revealed that Sass Sasot has plans to run for senator in the near future.

Sass Sasot debunks all the allegations and false accusations against her and even challenge the accuser to came out and be the one to manage her Facebook Page which has more than 400K followers because he is already tired with all the false accusations against her.

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