Maharlika Leads Fil-Ams in a Protest Rally Against the Meet & Greet of VP Leni with Tickets Worth $300 Each

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US-based Pro-Duterte blogger Maharlika leads a protest rally of Filipino-Americans in Los Angeles against the meet and greet event featuring Vice President Leni Robredo as guest speaker but attendees should pay the entrance tickets worth $300.00 or approximately P15,000.00.

Vice President Leni Robredo attended the meet and greet event but the mainstream media in the Philippines did not cover the event of VP Leni until netizens broke out the news on social media.

Watch the Protest Rally Headed by Maharlika Against VP Leni:

The supporters of the Dilawan and the Vice President did not release any statement yet regarding the trip of the Vice President to Los Angeles and even the organizers of the meet and greet worth $300 did not mention the presence of VP Leni on the said event according to some supporters of Maharlika.

Maharlika stormed the event venue of VP Leni’s meet and greet together with some supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte as well as supporters of former senator Bongbong Marcos whom they claimed as the Real Vice President.

The US-based blogger, Maharlika also revealed during the protest rally that one of the richest Filipina in the United States, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, an alleged destabilizer in the Philippines supported the meet and greet event of VP Leni Robredo.

Here’s Some of the Photos of VP Leni & Pro-Duterte Supporters Protesting the Meet & Greet:

Source: Maharlika FB Page

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