Must Watch: BBC Host Reveals the Lies of Sen. Trillanes in an Exclusive Interview (Video)

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Veteran BBC host Stephen Sackur got accolades and commendations from the online Filipino community particularly to all Pro-Duterte supporters who acknowledged him as one of the few Western media who has the courage to expose the lies of Sen. Antonio Trillanes during an exclusive interview with BBC.

Watch the Interview with Sen. Trillanes on BBC:

Filipino netizens were so grateful for Stephen Sackur who exposed Sen. Trillanes in the international community showing despite the fact that there is NO Duterte propaganda machine, only a motley crew of patriotic, hopeful Filipinos who see Duterte’s vision and appreciates it. Sen. Trillanes just can’t handle the fact that his own propaganda machine against Duterte is not working despite the fact that they have poured so much money to run it to no avail.

Despite the various claims of Sen. Trillanes, the BBC host, Stephen Sackur seemed to be more knowledgeable about the real and current developments in the Philippines.

The BBC Host stated the following revealing the lies of Sen. Trillanes:

“It’s not easy for me to judge but looking at comments made by the general public in Manila to news agency they say things like:

The streets are safer now, here in the Philippines we needed a ruler with an iron fist.

These are quotes from the general public, that seems to be the mood, the ratings for Duterte still remain high 75% approvall rate…

I’m just wondering whether your comment which are constantly negative are OUT OF TUNE with ordinary Filipino opinion.”

Source: BBC

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