Netizens Lambasts Sen. Trillanes on His Own FB Page for Sharing the Viral BBC Interview

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Netizens took to social media and lambasts Sen. Antonio Trillanes on his own page after the senator proudly shared his viral BBC HardTalk interview which became the hottest topic on social media during the past few days.

Sen. Trillanes was clearly burned by BBC HardTalk host Stephen Sackur on his exclusive interview but the fans and followers of the senator commended his alleged brilliant answers to the question thrown at him by the veteran TV host.

Watch the Interview of Sen. Trillanes Share on His Page:

In the official Facebook Page of Sen. Antonio Trillanes he shared his exclusive interview BBC and his supporters commented positively on how he deals with the questions during the rare BBC appearance.

Although the video interview of Sen. Trillanes shared on his own FB Page got positive response from his followers, deep inside if you will take a second look at the comments, the positive comments were bombarded by negative comments from the non-supporters of Trillanes.

There are claims online that the negative comments against Sen. Trillanes were blocked and only the positive comments were approved but DDS supporters could not be silenced as they bombarded the positive comments approved by the FB admins with negative comments on Trillanes interview.

Here’s Some of the Positive Comments & the Corresponding Negative Response:

Source: Antonio Trillanes FB Page

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