PEZA Reached 98.14% Investment Growth From Jan-May, 2017 Under Pres. Duterte

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A good news for all Filipinos as PEZA announced announced their unprecedented growth of investments from January 1 to May 31, 2017 under the Duterte administration. PEZA reported that they reached 98.14% investments growth in just 5 months compared to the Aquino administration.

During the Aquino administration PEZA’s investment from January to December 2016 is at 54.382 Billion but under the Duterte administration, from January to May 2017 alone PEZA’s investments is already at P107.750 Billion.

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) reported the following sectors of investments that dominates the list:

  1. Real Estate / developers = 67 Billion
  2. Manufacturing = P18.5 Billion
  3. Electricity, Gas, Stream, Etc = P14.9 Billion
  4. IT = P7.1 Billion
  5. Transpo & Storage = 71 Million
  6. Water Supply = P10 Million
PEZA also reported the factors of the huge growth in investments in the Philippines:
1. PEZA’s aggressive “Revolutionizing PEZA” program which invites foreign direct investments and the motivation to domestic manufacturing including local suppliers to PEZA’s industry-locators. 

2. The identifying and creation of new economic zones in every province and Cities nationwide.

3. The PEZA INCENTIVES are very attractive to foreign investors and are now disseminated nationwide especially abroad.

4. The brand of service PEZA provides like its one-stop -shop where all permits are facilitated asap in PEZA as the issuing center to ease doing business with minimal gov’t agencies’ intervention and to decentralize gov’t functions in assisting investors. Qualities of the Filipino workers as intelligent and global-knowledged, easy to train coz they can understand and can speak English.

5. PHL’s strategic location at the center of the Asia-Pacific Region hence, a very ideal distribution hub of goods to the world market.

6. The characteristics of Filipinos as friendly, hospitable, hard-working, clean in their ways, makes foreign companies consider the PHL as their second home!

7. The PHL has only two types of weather hence, agro-industrial ecozones can plant the whole year round.

8. Very fertile soil

9. Very dynamic partnership of PEZA and its industries, the various locator-industry organizations, Foreign and local chambers of Business and industries, Foreign embassies in the PHL and the various Business NGOs including ither gov’t agencies. and the LGUs

10. PEZA is a non-stop shop providing on-line application, Import and Export permits and the services of the Director General and other top officials are 24/7, PEZA is on line, providing the E-systems on its application forms accessible and downloadable

11. PEZA treats its investors in a RED CARPET Treatment, No Red Tape and No graft and corruption as attested by its ecozone developers and locator-industries.

12. PEZA is ISO certified in all processes, systems and levels in its offices nationwide.

13. The most important factor is the DUTERTE FACTOR , where investors trust and feel confident about . President Duterte’s sincerity and dedication in providing a CLEAN and a GOOD GOV’T., safety and peace are felt by investors thus, wanting to support the President’s programs and the country’s progress .

Source: PIA / PEZA

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