How Sen. Trillanes Teach Broker Mark Taguba During the Hearing (Video)

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During the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, netizens took notice that Sen. Antonio Trillanes seems to teach the controversial Customs broker Mark Taguba during the Senate Hearing.

Sen. Trillanes keeps pinpointing the name of Davao City Mayor Paolo Duterte as one of those involved in the controversial Davao Group who were reportedly involved in the syndicate inside the Bureau of Customs.

Watch How Sen. Trillanes Allegedly Teaches Mark Taguba:

Mark Taguba already clarified the issue involving Vice Mayo Mark Taguba who retracted from his earlier statement naming Vice Mayor Duterte as he noted that the involvement of the Davao City Vice Mayor were just “hearsay.”

Broker Mark Taguba named Vice Mayor Duterte as one of the member of the Davao Group who is involved in the BOC syndicate together with a certain “Small.”

During the interrogation of Sen. Trillanes to Mark Taguba, the chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee noted that the involvement of Vice Mayor Duterte were indeed “hearsay” and Taguba has no personal knowledge with regards to the alleged involvement of the younger Duterte.

Sen. Pacquiao also told Mark Taguba not to release any statement especially when it is just a hearsay and he don’t have the personal knowledge about the said person.

Source: Facebook / PIA

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