Journalist Asked Where’s the “Snowballing, Simmering Revolution” Demanding Justice for Kian (Photos)

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Veteran journalist and columnist Jojo Robles passed by the People Power Monument a few hours ago and asked the general public on his Facebook Page about the whereabouts of the opposition’s “snowballing, simmering revolution” demanding justice of Kian Delos Santos.

In a well-publicized media news report, concerned netizens will reportedly stage a rally at the People Power Monument today, August 21, to demand justice for Kian delos Santos, the 17-year-old studen killed in the anti-drug operations in Caloocan City.

The planned rally which was supported by the leaders of the Liberal Party was first initiated by University Professor Sylvia Claudio who urged the Filipinos to join them in rallying against Pres. Duterte’s war on drugs.

According to columnist Jojo Robles, he just passed by the People Power Monument and discovered that no one was there, except for some news crews grumbling in their own OB vans.

The journalist also blamed the rain, which could be reason why they failed to start a revolution. Before the planned rally the opposition described their protest as “snowballing” and “shimmering” but failed to amass a huge number of participants.

Here’s the Complete FB Post of Journalist Jojo Robles:


Just passed by
the People Power monument. Except for some news crews grumbling in
their OB vans over their wild goose chase assignment, no one was there.
No one.

But it was raining. And I guess you don’t start a revolution if there’s some rain.

And yes, “snowballing” and “simmering” were the words they used to
describe the anger, the goddamn “outrage,” that would lead to a

People, this is why you don’t go to war with an army of keyboard warriors. Go back to bed.

Let’s do this revolution thingy some other time.”

Photos of the August 21, 2017 Rally:

 Source: Jojo Robles FB Page / Sir Abe Purugganan


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