La Sallian Accuses Andres Bautista of Harrassing the Marcoses During His Term as PCGG Chief

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Concerned netizen Jerms Estradatouille Estrada, an alumnus of De La Salle University accused former Chief of PCCG and current chairman of Comelec Andres Bautista for allegedly harrasing the Marcoses during his term as head of the agency that was created during the term of former Pres. Coroy Aquino.

A few days after Andres Bautista’s name made headlines on both the mainstream and social media for his alleged ill-gotten wealth, the Comelec Chairman is also in hot water after accusations of harrasment during his PCGG days resurfaced anew.

According to Estrada during the term of PCGG Chairman Andres Bautista, he ordered to raid the houses of the Marcoses to retrieve the valuable and costly paintings owned by the Marcos Family.

These painting were untruthfully labeled as bought with the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses according to Estrada. The said event is considered by Estrada as a form of harassment.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Jerms Estrada:

People have asked me privately why I have so much disdain for Andy Bautista.
Well here is one:

Remember those “raids” PCGG conducted on the houses of the Marcos Family during the time Bautista was the head? The then PCGG Chairman says those “raids” in all of the Marcos homes including the San Juan property, were to search for other valuable paintings which the PCGG disingenuously stated were bought with ill-gotten wealth.

One can research court records but those paintings the PCGG sought were already ordered returned to the Marcos family by the Courts that handled cases that involved these paintings.

The “raids” were some sort of harassment since those alleged missing valuables listed in the PCGG search warrants were already cleared.

There was instead a “message” to the Marcoses from a then top administration official, which served as a warning not to pursue someone’s employ.

Perhaps the current PCGG leadership should check the veracity of Andy Bautista’s then claim and authorization to conduct those raids was to look for assets hidden by the Marcoses.

On a side note:

The San Juan property which the Marcos family owned before Marcos was President is still under sequestration

Why? I don’t know and perhaps the current leadership of PCGG can explain why a property, acquired before the prescribed period of investigating the assets of Ferdinand Marcos during his term as President, is held by this agency

Source: James Estrada FB Page

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