Must Watch: Atty. Darwin Cañete Burns Sen. Drilon Who Tried to Pin Him Down (Video)

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A well-known social media personality Atty. Darwin Cañete, the Assistant City Prosecutor of Caloocan City burns Sen. Franklin Drilon in front of various national TV networks after the senator tried to pin him down during the Senate Hearing in aid of legislation for the controversial case involving Kian Delos Santos.

Atty. Darwin Cañete was able to smack down Sen. Drilon who according to some netizens tried to get the most media mileage and score the most pogi points during the Senate hearing.

Watch the Video Confrontation Between Drilon & Cañete:

Sen. Drilon used innuendos and unverified rumors against Atty. Cañete particularly during the time when he accused the veteran lawyer of being included in the drugs watch list of Pres. Duterte despite the fact that it is already a public knowledge that the cousin of Drilon, Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog is one of those narco-politicians who was included in Duterte’s list.

The intriguing questions of Sen. Drilon failed miserably even if the senator is considered as one of the most veteran lawyer in the country having served as a former Justice Secretary and a veteran lawmaker as Senate President, Cañete refused
to dignify Drilon’s ridiculous accusations.

Atty. Cañete also demanded to know the
identity of his anonymous sources which caused the controversial senator to stop interrogating the veteran city prosecutor, who stood firm in the face of the challenge.

Netizens lauded the firm stand of Atty. Darwin Cañete even against a veteran lawyer and a well-known figure in the country’s political scene. He was able to stand up against bullying of some “honorable” members of the senate, and it won’t belong before Drilon and the entire LP lawmakers will realize that their days are numbered when they can lord it over the rest of us.

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