Pres. Duterte Signs Into Law Extending Passport & Driver’s License Validity

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The tough-talking President of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte has signed into law measures extendign the validity of passports from 5 to 10 years and another law was signed lengthening the validity of the driver’s license to 5 years from the current three years validity.

Pres. Duterte signed Republic Act 10928, an act extending the passport validity and amending section 10 of Republic Act 8239 or the Passport Act of 1996.

Under the new amendment signed by Pres. Duterte, the Philippine Passports will be valid for 10 years except for minors, whose travel document will still have a validity of 5 years.

Aside from the passport validity extension, Pres. Duterte also signed Republic Act 10930, which extends the length of the driver’s license’s validity to 5 years.

According to the amendments, under the law’s Section 23, a driver holding a license with a 5-year validity may even be granted a license with a 10-year validity upon renewal if found that he or she has “not committed any violation of RA 4136 and other traffic laws, rules and regulations.”

The newly signed amendments shall be subject to restrictions imposed by the Land Transporation office. The law also mandates the establishment of stricter rules before the issuance of driver’s licenses.

Here’s the New RA Signed by Pres. Duterte:

Source: GMA News

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