Watch: Faeldon Urges an Investigation for Sen. Lacson’s Son, Pampi and His Company “Buon Giorno” (Video)

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Former Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon urges the Philippine Senate to investigate the son of Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, Pampi Lacson for his alleged involvement in smuggling through the company “Buon Giorno.”

Nic Faeldon revealed during a press conference that he was shocked when Lacson’s name came out with an allegation that he received P100 million “pasalubong” or welcome gift since assuming office as BOC chairman and was also involved in the Tara System.

Watch the Press Conference of Nic Faeldon:

The former rebel soldier accused Sen. Ping Lacson’s son of smuggling and bribing customs staff. Nic Faeldon pointed out that during his first month at the BOC, anomalous shipment totaled to 67 were spotted and penalized, all of which “belong” to Panfilo Lacson Jr. or Pampi Lacson.

According to Faeldon the BOC described the alleged smuggling of Lacson’s son as “smuggling of cement by the billions (of pesos).”

Nic Faeldon expressed his admiration to Sen. Lacson as one of the few non-corrupt members of the political groups currently holding office because he did not allowed himself to received his pork barrel but he wants the senator to investigate his son.

The former BOC Chairman also vouch for the officials he appointed in the Bureau of Customs but he could not believe that Sen. Lacson could be part of corruption due to his son’s dealings with the BOC as he noted also that the company of Lacson was even dubbed as the number one cement smuggler in the country.

Source: CNN Philippines

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