Ex-Soldier Cites an EO that Could Lead to the Expulsion of CHR Chairman Gascon

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Veteran soldier, a member of the intelligence community and a well-known curator of the Revolutionary government proposal to Pres. Duterte, Sir Abe Purugganan cited an Executive Order signed by Pres. Cory Aquino that could possibly lead to the expulsion of CHR Chairman Chito Gascon.

According to Sir Abe the Executive Order No. 163-A signed by the late President Cory Aquino during the year 1987 could be used as basis for the Duterte administration to dismiss the Comelec chairman and replaced him with a non-partisan head of the agency.

The veteran Scout Ranger also noted that executive order should be enough to remove Chito Gascon. He also pray that the President could appoint someone who really care and love the Filipino people and not someone who uses human rights to advance their cause and political agenda.

Here’s the Complete Executive Order No. 163-A:

Executive Order No. 163-A

Amending Section 2, Sub-Paragrahp (c of Executive Order No. 163)

Whereas, the Constitution does not prescribe the term of office of the Chairman and Members of the Commission on Human Rights unlike those of other Constitutional Commissions. 

Now, therefore, I, Corazon C. Aquino, President of the Philippines, do hereby order:

“The Chairman and Members fo the Commission on Human Rights shall be appointed by the President. Their tenure in office shall be at the pleasure of the President. 

Section 2. This Excutive Order shall take effect immediately. 

Done in the City of Manila, this 30th day of June in the year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Seven. 

Signed: Pres. Corazon C. Aquino
By the President:
Joker P. Arroyo
Executive Secretary

Source: Sir Abe Purugganan

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