Faeldon Press Con Video: Willing to be Arrested But Will Never Attend Senate Hearing

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Former Bureau of Customs Commissioner Nicanor “Nic” Faeldon holds a press conference at his residence in Taytay, Rizal on Friday, September 8, 2017 as he noted that he is willing to be arrested but will never attend any Senate Hearing.

According to Faeldon he will never attend the Senate or the Congress Hearing but he is willing to attend any competent court hearings.

Watch the Press Conference of Nicanor Faeldon:

The former rebel soldier turned BOC Commissioner stated that privilege speeches of senator are used to destroy some Filipino citizens particularly those resource person invited by both chambers of the house.

Faeldon also stated that in the Senate hearings the word of a self-confessed corrupt businessman such as Customs fixer Mark Taguba, are more believable compared to the word of innocent and very decent officers.

The former BOC Chief also noted that he will go to the Senate this coming Monday and let himself be arrested, but he will not attend the hearing and the Senate can arrest him anytime but will not attend anymore.

Faeldon said going to jail is better than attending House inquiries, and if the Senate issues an arrest warrant, he will comply.

Source: CNN Philippines

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