International Analyst Expose Cocoy Dayao’s Publisher’s Account in Anti-Duterte Blogs

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International political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot made another expose about Cocoy Dayao the alleged admin of the controversial Facebook Page and website Pinoy Ako Blog, in support of ThinkingPinoy’s expose about #CocoyGate.

Based upon the research and personal investigation conducted by Sasot, the website Pinoy Ako Blog, Change Scamming, Backroom Politics, Madam Claudi Ako, SilentNoMorePh were having the same Google Publisher ID with the website of Cocoy Dayao “The ProPinoy Project.”

Cocoy Dayao who once served as Presidential Communication and Operations Office (PCOO) as web security consultant during the administration of Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III. Dayao already admitted that he is the owner of ProPinoy Project but denied all the allegations about his ownership of Pinoy Ako Blog.

In a viral post made by Sass Rogando Sasot on Facebook, she revealed that she already send a sketch to ThinkgPinoy of the alleged connections between the websites associated with Cocoy Dayao.

Sasot even asked if this could be the end of the line for Cocoy Dayao and who could be the boss of Dayao who supported him in spreading fake news and false information about the Duterte admin.

A few days ago, SilentNoMore Ph called majory bloc senators “Malacanang Dogs” for not signing the Senate Resolution calling for an investigation on alleged extra-judicial killings in the country which caused some verbal commotions in the Senate, one of the reason also why there will be an investigation of the said proliferation of fake news in the Philippines.

To know more about the expose of ThinkingPinoy, Sass Sasot and VOVPh, just visit the official website of ThinkingPinoy.

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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