Laguna Restaurant to Sue Anti-Duterte Group SAKBAYAN for Spreading Fake News

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An Anti-Duterte group from University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) who called themselves Samahan ng Kabataan para sa Bayan (SAKBAYAN) will face some charges from a well known restaurant in Laguna after allegedly spreading some fake news about the establishment.

The well known restaurant complained about the spreading of malicious information by the Anti-Duterte group SAKBAYAN, who reportedly received reports that Police Officers were conducting search of bags at LB Square and Tresto in connection of Oplan Tokhang.

In the official FB Page of SAKBAYAN, they released the following statement: “We have been informed that police officers are allegedly conducting search of bags at LB Square and Tresto in connection with Oplan Tokhang. Sakbayan advises everyone to stay vigilant and assert our right to refuse such searches as these are not allowed unless a search warrant is present. Keep safe, Iskolar ng Bayan!”

The restaurant, Tresto, who was mentioned by the Anti-Duterte Group took to Facebook and released the following statement aside from saying that they are now planning to sue SAKBAYAN.

Here’s the Statement of Tresto:

We just want to inform the public that part of this propaganda is “fake news”.

1 – Oplan tokhang was never implemented at Tresto.
2 – There were police officers at Tresto on the night of Sep 18, 2017 to attend the 57th birthday celebration of the owners’ deceased father.
3 – Tresto management is currently reaching out to the authors of this fake news and looking at filing charges to the proper authorities.
4 – In 15 years of operations, Tresto never had a record with the Police. In fact, the management maintained a relationship with the authorities on a professional level.
5 – Tresto is still the place to be in LB!

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