Mayor Jed Mabilog Filed a Sick Leave Needs Two to Three Weeks to Rest

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The controversial local chief executive of Iloilo City, Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog will not return this time to his hometown after his lawyer revealed that the Mayor filed a sick leave and needs at least two to three weeks to rest.

According to the spokesperson and lawyer of Mayor Mabilog, Atty. Mark Piad, the mayor’s leave was effective September 11, 2017. Atty. Piad was quoted as saying “He filed the leave purposedly to recuperate physically because of the stress he underwent,” Piad said.

The lawyer noted that his client had had also been diagnosed with stage 2 diabetes long before he left the country for a conference in Japan.

As such, he said he would need “two to three weeks to be able to rest his mind and all his body from all the stress.” “Definitely, Mayor Mabilog will be back,” Piad said.

Mabilog’s lawyer also added that the Iloilo City Mayor has also given him the authority to cooperate with those concerned should an investigation into Mabilog’s alleged role in illegal drug activities be underway.

Pres. Duterte made an announcement earlier that Mayor Mabilog was included in his list of narcopoliticans, but Mabilog also declared publicly that Iloilo City was “drug-free” despite the presence of the some of the most notorious drug lords in Western Visayas.

Mayor Mabilog left the Philippines reportedly for a conference in Japan a few days after Pres. Duterte decided to assign Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido to Iloilo City but the plan was not pushed through.

Pres. Duterte also said that the national government was already looking into Mayor Mabilog’s wealth. The President even described the house of Mayor Mabilog as “palace-like.”

Source: Eagle News

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