Must Watch: CHR Explains Why They Doesn’t Help Crime Victims (Video)

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The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) revealed the reasons why they doesn’t help crime victims because they claimed that they were mandated to investigate government abuses and not primarily ordinary crimes according to an official in an interview video with ANC.

For the past few days, the agency has drawn flak online for allegedly failing to investigate rape and other crimes committed by drug addicts while being vocal in its opposition to Pres. Rody Duterte’s anti-narcotics drive.

Watch the Video Interview with Commissioner Gana:

CHR Commissioner Gwen Pimentel-Gana was quoted as saying “We are, in simple terms, like a conscience of the government. We are mandated to actually monitor any abuses done by what we call duty-bearers, and government is a duty-bearer,” she said.

The CHR Commissioner added further that “Agencies of government are duty-bearers in a sense that they are obliged and mandated to render services to the people, and people are rights-holders. As rights-holders, we can demand from government to fulfill the rights that we have in order to live in a just and humane society,” she said.

When the CHR official was asked about the controversial questions why is it that the agency is not investigating killings caused by drug addicts, Commissioner Gana emphasized that because it is a crime, the police should respond first and their job is to “monitor that case.”

She also explained that, for example, a suspect killed while in the custody of the police is “not a regular occurence because if you are supposed to be in the custody of the police, you are supposed to be protected,” and that a suspect has to go through due process provided by law.

Source: ANC News

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