Netizens Exposed Sen. Trillanes Waiver Signing as Mere PR Stunt

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Prominent social media personalities shared their views on the controversial signing of bank waivers by Sen. Antonio Trillanes to prove that he is willing to open his accounts to AMLC and the Ombudsman. A concerned netizen even dubbed Trillanes’ moved as a mere PR stunt.

Sen. Trillanes was caught in hot water after photos of proof about his alleged international bank accounts surfaced on social media. A certain depositor even tried to deposit at least $50 on each of the said bank accounts and turned out to be successful with only two accounts were inactive.

Due to the controversy generated by Trillanes alleged international bank accounts, the senator acted fast enough, as he immediately signed a total of 12 waivers all addressed to the AMLC and the Ombudsman, stating that he has nothing to hide and the bank accounts are subject to public scrutiny.

Although Trillanes signed the waivers, it has no effect on his alleged accounts according to some experts in the international banking industry because AMLC doesn’t even have the jurisdictions on international banks, they can only investigate banks within the Philippines.

Watch How Trillanes Challenged Pres. Duterte to Sign a Waiver:

Concerned netizen RG San Luis stated “AMLC has no authority over foreign banks for the benefits of Filipinos who continue to be morons who believe in Trillanes. The AMLC only has jurisdiction over Philippine banks. His waivers have no effect whatsoever on his overseas bank accounts. As my grandfather used to say “usa tu cerebro primero antes de abrir la boca.” (Use your brain first before opening your mouth.)”

Veteran scout ranger and former military man Abe Purugganan also noted that “Kahit ilang waiver pa ang pirmahan ni Trillianes ay talaga walang makikita ang AMLC dahil nakapangalan sa ibang tao.” Si Abe also added “Ang tingin ni Trillianes sa taong bayan ang walang alam sa modus operandi ng mga nagnanakaw ng pera sa gobyerno pagdating sa money laundering.”

Journalist Jose Alejandrino on his part lambasts Trillanes for fooling Filipinos. He was quoted as saying “Who is this guy fooling? Those waivers are not valid for foreign accounts, only for local accounts here in PH. What Trillanes has to produce are certified letters from those foreign banks abroad where allegedly he holds accounts denying categorically that Antonio Trillanes never opened or held an account with them or any of their branch around the world. The waiver he signed is not admissible in foreign countries which have their own set of banking laws.”

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