EU Denies Involvement in the Visit of 7-Member Delegation of International Parliamentarians that Warned the Philippines

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The European Union released an official statement denying any involvement in the visit of the seven-member delegation of international parliamentarians that warned of trade consequences if the Philippines fails to uphold the bloc’s human rights standard.

According to the EU Delegation to the Philippines, the seven representatives of the International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance visited the Philippines October 8 to 9. The controversial representatives were from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia and the United States, which also include one member of the European Parliament.

The EU Delegation to the Philippines noted that “It is therefore not correct to label the visit an “EU mission,” the EU delegation said in a statement.

Special Envoy to the EU Edgardo Angara described the statement of the 7-member delegation as a “gross misinterpretation” the warning of visiting members of the delegation that the Philippines could be meted sanctions by the EU over the reported and well-publicized extra-judicial killings in the Philippines.

Angara, part of a Philippine delegation that held a 3-day visit to Brussels in September to engage with EU legislators, said the group of parliamentarians that just came from Manila does not represent the EU parliament’s governing majority.

Source: CNN Philippines / PhilStar

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