Japan’s PM Agress to Nearly $9-Billion Aid Package with Pres. Duterte

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Newly re-elected Prime Minister of Japan, PM Shinzo Abe agrees to nearly $9-Billion Aid Package to the Philippines under the leadership of Pres. Rody Duterte during the visit of the Philippine President to Japan.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Monday to deliver nearly $9 billion in aid to Philippine President Duterte to improve infrastructure throughout the country as well as to help rebuild the battle-damaged areas of Mindanao island.

Pres. Duterte and PM Shinzo Abe signed a joint statement agreeing to a public- and private-sector contribution worth a total of 1 trillion yen ($8.8 billion) for the rapidly growing Southeast Asian country of over 7,000 islands.

PM Abe said during the bilateral summit meeting “As he moves forwards in his efforts to fight terrorism, and also for stability in Mindanao, we would like to provide our full support to President Duterte’s approach.”

Pres. Duterte replied by saying “The Philippines and Japan are building a golden age of our strategic partnership.”

According to the two leaders the offer of aid over the next five years had basically been agreed last January, when PM Abe visited the Philippines.

Aside from the infrastructure projects for the Philippines, another area of interest to both PM Abe and Pres. Duterte is security in the South East Asia, over much of which China claims control.

Pres. Duterte will chair the upcoming meetings of the ASEAN Summit and the East Asia Summit in the Philippines in the first half of November 2017. Both Pres. Duterte and PM Abe also agreed that North Korea’s provocations must be dealt with. 

Source: Asian Nikkei 

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