List of Persons Including Biased Media Outfit Allegedly Involved in Destabilizing & Sharing Fake News

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Some concerned individuals posted a list of person or persons including biased media outfit allegedly involved in destabilizing and sharing fake news in the Philippines. For the past few months under the Duterte presidency, fake news keeps spreading in the blogosphere and in various social media sites.

The List came out after Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Raymond Villafuerte has sought the approval of a proposed law seeking to impose a maximum fine of P500,000 and six years imprisonment on any person creating and spreading fake news in both traditional and mainstream media.

Here’s the List of Persons / Company Allegedly Involved in Sharing Fake News:

1. Cocoy Dayao- connected to Bam Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan, Antonio Trillanes IV
2. Tonyo Cruz- connected to Cocoy Dayao
3. Andrew Marasigan- Aw Aw
4. Andrew Ang- Bryan Ng Co nemesis
5. Alexander Katigbak- Sabog sa drugs
6. Gilbert Pacificar- Aw Aw
7. Gus Ruduman- STRAWMAN
8. Bib Macasaet- Aw Aw
9. Archie Redulla- Aw Aw
10. Crizel Santiago- Aw Aw
11. Bobby B- Aw Aw
12. Simon Catubay- Drug User
13. Ogeeh Lim – connected to Somera’s clan including the Vice Governor of Abra killed in War on Drugs
14. Maane Adorna- Paid by LP
15. Maru Xie- Paid by LP
16. Noel Quimqe- Druglord Supporters
17. Danny Pintacasi- Druglord
18. Cesar Hernandez- Druglord
19. Pidoy Dayto- Aw Aw
20. Ryte Niraga – Terry Agarin- Connected to Antonio Trillanes
21. Roy Abad- Aw Aw
22. Agustine Hermes Cabales Yap- Druglord
23. Red Santos-Aw Aw
24. Danilo David- connected to Randy David
25. Philippines Speak Now or be Silent Forever- Cocoy Dayao
26. Silent No More- Cocoy Dayao
27. Madame Claudia- Cocoy Dayao
28. Madame Aguida- Cocoy Dayao
29. Sarkastiko Tasyo- Cocoy Dayao
30. Cocoy Dayao
31. Pinoy Ako Blog- Cocoy Dayao
32. Politikang Ina Mo- Cocoy Dayao
33. Thinking Millenial- Cocoy Dayao
34. Change Scamming- Cocoy Dayao
35. The Pro Pinoy Project- Cocoy Dayao
36. Backroom Politics- Cocoy Dayao
37. Juan Nacionalist- Cocoy Dayao
38. Superficial Gazzette- Edwin Lacierda
39. GMA News- Jwhorenalist
40. ABS CBN- Jworenalist
41. Inquirer- Presstitutes
42. Philstar- Medyo Presstitutes
43. Rappler- Connected to George Soros and dying
44. TV5- Presstitutes
45. Other Bias Radio Station- Bombo Roxas City
46. Yahoo Philippines- Oligarch Controlled
47. Esquire Philippines- Oligarch Controlled
48. FHM Philippines- Oligarch Controlled
49. And other stupid supporters
50. Feel free to add more

The list of alleged personalities and media outfits involved in the reported spreading of fake news in the Philippines were already shared by numerous members of the DDS family.

According to Rep. LRay Villafuerte, Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, he filed House Bill (HB) No. 6022 which seeks to penalize not only the creation of false content and malicious distribution of “fake news,” but also the failure to remove such content once it has been published.

“This bill proposes to nip the cause of fake news in the bud by prohibiting the creation and malicious distribution of false information. It aims to ensure that the content being published and disseminated by mass media outlets and social media personalities are free from false, misleading or fictitious stories through a clear definition of what fake news is,” said Villafuerte.

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