Pro-Duterte Blogger’s Expose the Alleged Connections Between Sen. Trillanes & Fabian Go

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Concerned netizen and Pro-Duterte blogger Drei Toledo shared a very interesting expose about the alleged connections between Sen. Antonio Trillanes and businessman Fabian Go. The concerned netizen made some relevant questions regarding the connections between Trillanes and Go.

Drei Toledo asked the relevance of Fabian Go to Sen. Antonio Trillanes and the possible reasons why Go is very important to Sen. Trillanes.

Toledo revealed that Fabian Go is one of the 63 consultants hired by Sen. Trillanes in 2014. He was hired as consultant on economic matters being a businessman with a PhD in Business Administration. As a consultant, he received a monthly salary of P80,000.00.

Fabian Go allegedly donated P500,000 for the senatorial campaign of Trillanes during the 2013 national elections based on the Statement of Contribution and Expenditures (SOCE).

Mr. Fabian Go has reportedly numerous joint foreign currency accounts with Trillanes in several countries.

Here’s the Complete Expose of Drei Toledo:

Source: Drei Toledo FB Page

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