Sen. Trillanes Burns by DDS Supporters On His Own Show During a US Visit (Video)

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Some concerned Duterte Die Hard Supporter (DDS) in the United States burned down Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV on his own show during his visit in the US as he allegedly keeps on proliferating fake news and unproven accusations against Pres. Rody Duterte and his family.

During the speech of Sen. Trillanes inside a church in the United States, one of the concerned DDS asked Trillanes the reasons why he keeps on attacking the President because of his achievements as the country’s chief executive.

The concerned DDS even mentioned that during the time of Pres. Aquino, who is also an ally of Trillanes, corruptions in the Philippines is even worst, problems in the Bureau of Customs were rampant and the country’s main gateway NAIA is considered as the worst in the world.

Watch How Sen. Trillanes was Burned Down by DDS in the US:

The concerned DDS wanted something more to say or ask against Sen. Trillanes but one of the organizers disallowed him to speak by getting the microphone from the concerned DDS.

Sen. Trillanes highlights the corruptions of the BOC, particularly the billions of confiscated shabu and linking the family of Pres. Duterte, particularly Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte on his alleged involvement in the Chinese triad, an accusations which are not proven by the accuser Trillanes.

Despite the lack of evidence presented by Trillanes during his US visit on his accusations against the President and his family, Trillanes keeps on repeating the same statement but netizens and OFWs are more aware now because of the advent of social media.

Source: Maharlika FB Page

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