TP Reveals Another Suspect on #CocoyGate Expose through ProPinoy Connections

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One of the country’s most prominent blogger, also considered by most netizens as a brilliant investigator and expositor, Thinking Pinoy revealed another interesting scenario in the controversial #CocoyGate Expose as he revealed the possible connections between Cocoy Dayao and LP’s New Media Bureau Head Niña Terol through his ProPinoy Connections Expose.

The ProPinoy Connection Expose involved the possible connections between the controversial Pro-Pinoy editor and former PCOO web admin for security Cocoy Dayao and a certain Niña Terol, the co-founder of Dayao and their possible connections with the Liberal Party and its senators including Sen. Bam Aquino and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan.

Based upon last week’s article of TP about the controversial CocoyGate which until today did not picked up by any mainstream media, the people behind the website ProPinoy were also behind SilentNoMorePh and other anti-Duterte websites.

TP investigates and found out that Niña Terol, the co-founder of Pro-Pinoy together with Cocoy Dayao was previously involved as New Media Bureau Head during the 2010 LP Senatorial Campaign. She also served as Executive Director of Pipol Power Institute (2012), a nonprofit that is chaired by a pure-blooded Dilawan Jim Paredes.

Tirol also served as Communications Head during the Senatorial Campaign of Bam Aquino (2012-2013), Political Communications / New Media Head of the Office of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan from 2009-2013. Also served as Communications and Messaging Head at the Office of Sen. Bam Aquino (2013-2014). Niña Terol is also the writer, editor and Project Manager of TAYO Magazines where Sen. Aquino served as President.

According to Thinking Pinoy, with the number of websites maintained and managed by Dayao there’s a huge possibility that some people were behind him and one of them could be Tirol. Dayao could have sufficient know-how to set up the websites, but doesn’t have the communication skills to complete the formula and Tirol could possibly provide that.

TP also suggested to Sen. Tito Sotto to asked the NBI Cybercrime Division to investigate Niña Terol on her connections with Cocoy Dayao aside from giving a hint to Sen. Villar about the possible connections between ProPinoy and the Liberal Party senators Pangilinan and Aquino.

To know more about the second expose of Thinking Pinoy, head on to the official website of TP.


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