Bohol Priest Unwittingly Smuggled Contraband Into Bohol District Jail

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Father James Darunday from the province of Bohol was accused by the Bohol District Jail after he brought to the BDJ a large box of biscuits which also contained 50 packs of cigarettes and 90 pieces of packed tobacco leaves.

According to DBJ administrative officer Jumbo Abad, the priest was about to lead a Mass inside the Bohol District Jail (BDJ) on Sunday afternoon but reportedly almost unwittingly smuggled contraband into the jail facility.

Father James Darunday was reportedly requestedb by the wife of detained drgu suspect, Rey Gaco, identified only as Aya, to deliver to said BDJ inmate the box of biscuits wherein the pieces of contraband were concealed.

The Bohol Priest explained in one of his radio interview that he was unaware of the box’s contents as the cigarettes and tobacco rolls were bidden beneath the biscuits.

According to Darunday, he had told Aya that he will be letting jail guards inspect the box to which she reportedly replied, “OK ra na, father. Wala man nay problema.”

Abad also confirmed that it was Darunday himself who asked jail guards to inspect the box while the latter proceeded to celebrate Mass.

Due to the involvement of the Bohol Priest, Father Darunday will no longer be leading Mass at the Bohol District Jail pending investigation on the smuggled attempt.

DBJ administrative officer Jumbo Abad also noted that Father Darunday may have been used by Gaco’s wife to smuggle the contraband into the jail facility, but this failed as the priest himself asked for the thorough inspection of the box.

Source: Bohol Chronicle

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