DA Taps P1.5 Billion US Aid for the Country’s 4-Year Dairy Goat Program

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Secretary Manny Piñol of the Department of Agriculture (DA) is planning to import some 8,000 dairy goats from the United States in 2019 in line with its goal of increasing Philippine milk production.

The DA will tap the remaining P1.5 billion in the US food-aid program under Washington’s Public Law (PL) 480 for the importation of dairy goats.

In an interview with the media, Sec. Piñol was quoted as saying “We will roll out a four-year dairy goat program starting 2019, and it will involve the importation of about 8,000 dairy goats with superior genes,” the DA Secretary said.

The former Governor of South Cotabato and considered as one of the most trusted and impressive Cabinet member of Pres. Duterte disclosed that he has presented the DA’s dairy program to Ralph Bean, agricultural counselor of the US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Service in Manila, during a recent meeting.

Sec.  Piñolsaid he had also asked Bean to help him connect with American dairy goat raisers.

“The previous goat-importation program was a poorly planned project. They bidded out the project but American dairy goat raisers were not prepared for the program,” Piñol said.

“What happened was that they bought old and sick goats that were not meant for dairy production. Since the dairy program will start by 2019, I told Bean maybe we could meet the American dairy goat raisers next year,” he added.

According to the DA Secretary a meeting with the US-based dairy goat raisers who would also help them calibrate their production so they could meet the demands of the DA’s program.

The imporation of dairy goats from the US is part of the DA’s plan to ramp up local milk production to meet at least 10 percent of annual domestic requirement by 2022 and reduce the country’s reliance on imports.

Aside from importing dairy goats, Piñol said the DA will also procure animals with superior genes from local breeders.

Source: BusinessWorld

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