Franco Mabanta’s Endorsement of Penshoppe a Slap to PAB’s Face

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Social media personality Franco Mabanta made an interesting revelations on social media showing how to let your opposition proved once and for all that their strategies to proved that they are indeed trusted by their followers backfired.

The incident tells the story of Franco Mabanta who became a victim earlier by Pinoy Ako Blog owner Jover Laurio who hilariously wrote a dishonest open letter to Penshoppe saying that Mabanta is a bully.

According to Mabanta, PAB allegedly created a fake trend on Twitter, referring to him as bully, but later on the tweets were exposed as bots. Some gullible few called for a stupid boycott of Penshoppe till I’m “removed as an endorser,” but Mabanta is not an endorser of Penshoppe.

In order to proved Mabanta’s point that nobody trusted Jover Laurio anymore, for the sole purpose of wantint ot piss off Mabanta’s enemies, he asked some friends collective following to go to Penshoppe and buy something. PAB wanted Penshoppe sales to plumme, while Mabanta wanted to explicitly show how weak they are by achieving the exact opposite.

Read the Complete Success Story of Franco Mabanta and the Penshoppe Campaign:

Need to say thank you because this was so amazing.

Recap before the gratitude:

1. Pinoy Ako Blog and Jover Lario wrote a hilariously dishonest open letter to Penshoppe saying I’m a bully.

2. A failed political witch we’ll legally refer to for now as “Joyce Younghusbo” created a fake trend on Twitter, again referring to me as a bully, but got caught with her pants down in that 96.8% (accurate) of the tweets were exposed as bots.

3. The gullible few called for a stupid boycott of Penshoppe till I’m “removed as an endorser”. Mind you, when I say stupid, it’s not a personal attack. The boycott was really, really STUPID because (A) no one ever said I was an endorser, so essentially you had a bunch of idiots screaming at air, buffooons in an orgy where everyone’s drenched in too much baby oil trying to grip at nothing; and (B) in three days of boycotting, sales were effected by 0%. Nothing happened.

All noise.

Talk about a monumental failure. We’re all (literally) still laughing at you right now.

4. For the sole purpose of wanting to piss off our enemies, I asked our friends and collective following to go to Penshoppe and buy something. Pinoy Ako Blog and Joyce Younghusbo wanted Penshoppe sales to plummet…while I wanted to explicitly show how weak they are by achieving the exact opposite.

And then something magical happened: We broke the internet again, but this time it was logistical and ecomical, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done commercially before. Unbelievable stuff.

People from all over the Philippines were posting photos of their new Penshoppe shirts and apparel. Filipinos around the world were asking their families back home to head to stores and buy ANYTHING.

In terms of analytics, we were at thousands of shares, thousands of comments, and tens of thousands of likes in just the first 12 hours. The campaign’s social media engagement was through the roof, and then eventually through the fucking stratosphere, via an endless outpouring of public love for Penshoppe, carried by an unstoppable rocket meant to embarrass the boycott.

From my last count, I’ve seen 780+ Penshoppe receipts and shopping bags. INSANITY. And these are just the ones I’ve been made aware of. That’s next-level-ninja stuff in terms of social media influence.

All this because most people very clearly understand how purely fucked up and maliciously deceitful Pinoy Ako Blog and the rest of the Yellows are. An immense majority of the county not only sees behind their lies, they’ve also developed a profound, incessantly growing, internal rage, and will jump to our causes when they see it’s necessary. The hate for them and love for us is real and it is categorically beautiful.

People know they can trust us. We’ve gone through hell and earned our place. And people know not to trust them. They put the country through hell and earned their place.

So this is the part where I say thank you. From the powerhouses to the influencers to the followers — everyone in this gigantic and unprecedented army who had fun with us the last few days — thank you for being all kinds of magic.

We won again, guys. I thoroughly enjoyed that and I love you all so much.

United by war, we’re now all part of a family that ranges in the tens of millions and I’m fully aware of how special the situation is. I mean, imagine if Carlos Celdran asked his followers to buy anything.  Seriously. Think about it.

By my professional estimation literally the ONLY time he’d be effective is if he promoted poop tea (you know, the tea that makes you shit). If you read comments of the weak-minded Yellows, both on Facebook and on Twitter, most of them are constantly so angry and so frustrated and there’s a big chance it’s because they’re always constipated.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks so much, you guys.

Unlike them, we didn’t play dirty, yet we still won and dominated.

PS – Whoever can come up with the best brand name for a pooping tea using Carlos Celdran’s personality wins a shout out from me.
Source: Franco Mabanta FB Page

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